First reaction to a self-playing organ and automatically controlled leslies

Before the first concert at Katalin, I was in full swing exploring the monster I had created. Here I have recorded a small clip that is looped, while the leslie controller had the “Wave” program that continuously moves the fast speed between the cabinets.

To then just stand next to it and both watch and hear this was absolutely incredible. I was filled with a rush of joy only to burst into hysterical laughter. I think the video says it all.

Excerpt from the premiere concert May 27th, 2023 at Katalin

Here is a clip from the premiere concert. It shows most of the musical concepts used but a minute or so from each part. It is also interesting to observe the audience, how they move around and experience the whole thing.

Listen in stereo or with good headphones, It’s not really possible to recreate the surround feeling in the room, but the four cabinets are aligned in the stereo image so you can still get the feeling of how the sound jumps around.

Example of loop effect and different speeds in the leslie

Here is a clip I made for the premiere showing how the loop effect can be used. The looped loop is played through two of the cabinets, and the rest is played through the other two. I really like how you can mix sound and leslie speeds like that. The two cabinets that play the loop have been disconnected from the control of the organ and just spin slowly the whole time.

Example of reverb

A big reverb really changes the room. You are transported somewhere else, and sort of float around the room. This song was given the working name “Caverns”, because I came to feel like being in a big cave. Kind of like on a journey of discovery.

Example of delay

The delay effect really brings out the quadrophony! The tones bounce around the room and come from all directions. New tones are mixed with old ones and both harmony and dissonance arise in a way that is incredibly cool. This effect has become the most used in the project.