Quadraphonic Leslie Experience

Now what is this?

Musical experiment, art installation, technical geekery or just good music? Probably all at once! A world-unique project by Andreas Hellkvist with the Hammond organ at the center, both figuratively and physically. New soundscapes arise, where the room itself becomes part of the instrument. Old technology meets and interacts with new. The concept itself inspires new music and compositional approaches. For both audience and performer, it is an experience that is difficult to explain. It needs to be experienced!

Andreas Hellkvist is a versatile musician, artist and composer who dedicated his life to the Hammond organ. Stylistically broad and always curious to explore new paths and arenas, both musically and personally.

He has developed an almost unique style that arouses astonishment and admiration, both in Sweden and around the world. Partly with the purely technical mastery of the instrument, where the hands handle manuals and controls while the left foot almost dances forward over the pedals. Partly with the joy of playing, the spontaneity and empathy that make the performance also a visual experience.

This site is specifically for the Quadrophonic Leslie Experience project. If you want to know more about Andreas and what he does in general, visit andreashellkvist.com

Album release

During the spring, Andreas wrote and recorded a full-length album especially for this set. The music explores and uses the possibilities that the format offers, which has resulted in a production that is completely unique of its kind. In order to capture as closely as possible the feeling of the quadrophony that occurs when 4 Leslie cabinets sound in the same room, the music has been mixed in Dolby Atmos and will be available in both surround format and standard stereo.

On May 24, the album “Quadrophonic Leslie Experience” will be released, primarily on digital channels. A release concert will be held at Katalin in Uppsala. More concerts are planned this autumn and then there will also be physical albums, both CD and vinyl.